Company and responsibility

Sustainability at Schne-frost

At Schne-frost, matters like traceability and sustainable actions are established practice. To document these aspects, this and other topics have been treated in a brochure titled “Accept responsibility - from the beginning!". Covering a total of 24 pages, the brochure provides information about various topics ranging from environment and noise protection, training and protection of health, the use of packaging materials and use of hygiene and cleaning agents.

Sustainability is an important component of the Schne-frost company philosophy. Thus, for example, care is taken that almost 100% of the potatoes processed at Schne-frost originate from controlled contracted cultivations from the immediate region. What this means is: Short transportation paths between the point of cultivation and production and hence less environmental pollution. One example of sustainable actions - one of many.

The Schne-frost Ernst Schnetkamp GmbH & Co. KG company pledges to reduce the energy consumption during the manufacture and storage of deep-frozen potato/vegetable specialities at its Loeningen facility in the long term, and to optimise the energy efficiency through permanent improvement measures.

Therefore, in 2011, it was decided to introduce an energy management system according to DIN EN 16001 and ISO 50001, to continuously optimise production sequences with regard to energy efficiency, and to create transparency in the area of energy flows. The energy efficiency improvements are structured, and executed and checked in a goal-oriented manner.