Quality as company philosophy

Our processing facility has 12 ultra-modern production lines, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and operating with innovative processing techniques. We develop and produce all classical French Fries products, suitable for preparation in deep-fat-fryer, oven and steamer oven. Our range of deep-frozen potato specialties with a high convenience level is the most diversified one and quality-leading in Germany.

About 400 employees throughout all production departments use their performance and engagement to warrant the known high Schne-frost and Avita quality level – because quality is the base of our products and the guarantor for the success of our brands.

We have a lean company hierarchy that ensures efficient and target-oriented operations throughout all departments within our production chain. From potato farmers to purchasing managers, product development, production, marketing and sales, just to mention a few. Our value-creating organisation chain is managed by ambitious and competent people and interlocks imperceptibly. The results of their work are passed on to you.

We benefit from about 50 years of experience around the tubers and from longstanding agreeable cooperation with national and international partners in trade and industry. Already at an early stage, we recognized that consumers expect product diversity, and therefore we did not only invest in potato specialties, but also in the development of vegetarian vegetable concepts.

Today, our branded labels Schne-frost and Avita rank among the best-known trade marks in food-service.